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Baker Blue Streak™ Grade Lumber System w/Model DX
Base Price $201,375.00

The Blue Streak™ Grade Lumber System above features the Model "DX" Baker Band Resaw, Heavy-duty Roller-Style Infeed and Outfeed TurnArounds, Infeed Deck and Outfeed Transfer Conveyor.

Introducing the Model "DX" Band Resaw

Baker Products heard the global call for a heavy-duty, high-quality band resaw utilizing a 2” band blade and able to saw squares up to 18”x18”. The result is the Model “DX” Baker Band Resaw. As part of the Blue Streak™ line of band saws, the Model “DX” is the ultimate tool for high-dollar grade lumber production.

As with all Baker Band Resaws, the “DX” wastes the least amount of wood possible. The thin-kerf 2-inch band blade, driven by a 50-HP TEFC electric motor, is perfect for cutting grade lumber. Easy-touse yet extremely accurate computer setworks engineered by Baker make it a snap to change the blade height. No more down time just to make manual adjustments! The Model “DX” Band Resaw is the key to manufacturing quality grade lumber, but it is most likely not the only machine you’ll need. How will you transport those large squares to and from the resaw?

Material Handling

Baker offers labor-saving, heavy-duty, roller-style Conveyors and TurnArounds to help transfer your material to and from your Baker Band Resaw. When you order a Baker Blue Streak Grade Lumber System, your package will include the standard 16-ft Baker Infeed and Outfeed TurnArounds, designed for material measuring between 8 feet long to 16 feet long, and up to 18” x 18”. Other lengths are available upon request. The Baker Infeed TurnAround automatically keeps the resaw fed butt-to-butt with squares, while the Outfeed TurnAround separates the boards from the unused portion of the square and then sends that remaining raw material back to the Infeed TurnAround for another pass through the resaw. The whole system is controlled by just one operator whom can hold, flip, or rotate squares on the Infeed TurnAround. Squares can be rotated for best face at the operator’s discretion before re-entering the Model “DX” Band Resaw.

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